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Blended Learning: Bridging the Best of In-Person and Online Education

Blended Learning: Bridging the Best of In-Person and Online Education

As educational landscapes evolve, organizations are adjusting their learning delivery methods to accommodate the needs of members and learners. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through blended learning. Join us as we discuss how blending learning capitalizes on the best of both in-person and virtual allows for greater flexibility in the digestion and absorption of learning content, and numerous other benefits to embracing this new trend. 

In this webinar, we will discuss: 

  • What blended learning is and why it’s an ideal format 
  • Common types of blended learning and ideas to get started   
  • Blended learning best practices to boost your e-learning ROI 
  • Leveraging your LMS to incorporate blended learning modalities 

Cristyn Johnson Ward

Director of Education and Engagement


Cristyn Johnson is a learning and development leader in the continuing education field. With a passion for helping people learn and grow, she specializes in creating and executing learning strategies and programs based on individual and organizational needs. Cristyn is currently the Director of Education and Engagement at Cadmium, where she oversees all training and education initiatives for the company. In this capacity she builds educational and training programs aimed at increasing mastery of the Cadmium suite of products. Prior to her time at Cadmium, Cristyn worked for a national association, crafting and executing field education strategies focused on growing the capacity of the field at large and increasing the impact members have in their local communities.

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