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Certificates vs. Certifications vs. Badges

Certificates vs. Certifications vs. Badges

Certificates, certifications, and digital badges are all great tools to recognize the achievements of your learners, but what really is the difference between them? Elevate offers all three options, however there are some small and some not-so-small nuances between them. Simply put, a certificate is evidence of education completed, while a certification generally requires completing specific requirements and passing a competency exam based on industry standards. Both certificates and certifications differ from digital badges, which are portable badges that can verify a learner's accomplishments, skills, experiences, and more. 

Join us for this webinar, as we unpack the differences between certificates, certifications, and digital badges and how you can offer them to users on your Elevate site.

Cristyn Johnson

Director of Education and Engagement


Cristyn Johnson is a learning and development leader in the continuing education field. With a passion for helping people learn and grow, she specializes in creating and executing learning strategies and programs based on individual and organizational needs. Cristyn is currently the Director of Education and Engagement at Cadmium, where she works with clients to create, develop, and launch quality educational experiences that engage and inspire learners.

Eve Finstein

Elevate Implementation Manager


Eve Finstein joined Cadmium in 2013 as an Elevate Implementation Manager, and now leads Cadmiums' team of Elevate project managers supporting our current and future Elevate clients. Prior to working with Cadmium, Eve ran operations for a cohort of leadership trainers and coaches. Eve is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, and currently lives in Washington, D.C.

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