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It’s Time To Go Full Frontal: How to drive transformative thinking by effectively leveraging your frontal lobe

Recorded On: 02/15/2018


This free webinar is a  sneak peek of our upcoming Peak 2018 Conference session that aligns with Jeff Hurt’s keynote presentation Turbo Charge Your Brain To Maximize Education Programming Gains

It’s time to focus on engaging your brain at a higher level. It’s time to think smarter. It’s time to equip your brain with the ability to conquer the complexities of 21st Century work by going full frontal!  

Every day, you use your brain to complete your most important work. A maze of intricate neural networks act as the engine to solve challenges, to innovate, to learn, to plan, to reason, to manage your emotions, to think strategically. These networks connect past experiences and knowledge to today’s challenges.  

Healthy resilient brains wire and fire across four major lobes: frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital.  

The frontal lobe of your brain acts as the central command center. It links information back and forth across other brain regions. It’s where the executive functions of your brain reside. It’s where you do higher order thinking skills, like decision-making, planning, strategic thinking and more. If you want to work smarter, more efficiently and more effectively, you’ve got to practice going full frontal—leading from your frontal lobes--with transformative thinking. 

Learner Outcomes:

After attending this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify one full frontal strategy to increase your productivity and enhance your decision-making that leads to a more successful business regardless of your age.
  • Discuss how full frontal SMART Strategies lead to brain health and thus healthy, successful businesses.

Jeff Hurt

CEO of Empowered Epiphanies

Noted digital, engagement, learning, strategic and governance thought leader and consultant for associations, education and meetings,Jeff Hurt is an expert in applying human behavior and neuroscience to customer experiences. After nine years as executive vice president of education and engagement at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting and more than 20+ years facilitating high-performing, strategic, future-focused experiences and events, from small to large, Hurt is now “Empowering Epiphanies” across the globe.
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