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Revolutionizing Registration: Introducing Cadmium’s New Check-in & Badging Solution

Revolutionizing Registration: Introducing Cadmium’s New Check-in & Badging Solution

Join us for an exclusive webinar as we unveil our latest innovation, Check-in & Badging, set to redefine the landscape of registration solutions. Designed with precision and innovation, Check-in & Badging is the culmination of our commitment to simplifying registration processes while enhancing efficiency and user experience.


In this insightful webinar, you'll discover how Check-in & Badging seamlessly integrates into our comprehensive registration solution, empowering organizations to streamline their registration processes like never before. Our expert presenters will delve into the key features and benefits of Check-in & Badging, showcasing how it addresses common pain points in registration management. From customizable templates, on-demand badge printing, automated event check-in and robust analytics, Check-in & Badging provides a holistic solution to elevate your registration experience.


Furthermore, learn how Check-in & Badging fits into our broader registration ecosystem, synergizing with our existing tools to deliver a seamless end-to-end registration solution. Discover how our integrated approach enhances scalability, reliability, and data management, empowering organizations to drive growth and achieve their registration goals with ease.


Whether you're a seasoned registration professional or new to the world of registration management, this webinar is your opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of registration solutions.


Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the innovative features of Cadmium’s Check-in & Badging solution and its impact on registration management.
  • Learn how Check-in & Badging seamlessly integrates into our broader registration solution ecosystem.
  • Discover best practices for optimizing registration processes and enhancing user experience.
  • Gain insights into the future trends shaping the registration landscape.

Amanda Weber

Solutions Engineer


Amanda is a Maryland native and graduate of Stevenson University with a degree in Business Administration. Her past experience in customer service and account management has provided her with the skills to deliver exceptional service and organization in all of my interactions. As a Solutions Engineer, Amanda performs technical demos of any of the EventTech product line products and helps customers envision how Cadmium products could work for their event and make their lives as event coordinators easier. Amanda is an avid equestrian with a passion for being outdoors and loves to work with horses, but other interests include hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, baking, and gardening.

Will Fairchild

Strategic Account Executive


Will Fairchild leverages his 9 years of sales and marketing experience to foster new partnerships for Cadmium as a Strategic Account Executive. Specializing in SaaS sales, Will has a proven track record aligning the right solutions with the needs of organizations of all sizes, ranging from SMBs to Enterprise-level clients.

His passion lies in collaborating with prospective partners to understand their event needs and identify how Cadmium's event technology solutions can enhance their experiences. Will is a strategic thinker who builds strong relationships with clients to ensure their success.

Outside of work, Will is an adventurer at heart, who enjoys hiking, water sports, and skateboarding. He also enjoys capturing his experiences through photography and maintains an active lifestyle.

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