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Show Me the Money

Education in associations has evolved more in the past five years than in any previous period. There is increasing recognition that building community around knowledge strengthens member relationships, creates loyalty and grows participation in an organization's programs. While learning management systems have been available for many years, many question if they are the ideal resource for this type of engagement to occur? Where do private communities and public social media fit in? What are the ground rules for creating content, selecting speakers and scripting each opportunity?

In this session we will begin with a discussion of choosing the right learning platform for an organization. We will then move to ways to structure and present education opportunities that build relationships, stimulate discussion, increase engagement and ultimately generate income.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the power that community based learning can have on retaining members and attracting new participants to your organization.
  • Learn about tactics to move your members to get more actively involved in your education efforts.
  • Review strategies for generating a greater return from your education investment.

Richard Finstein

CEO, CommPartners

Rich Finstein is the founder and CEO of CommPartners, an online education and event company located in Columbia, Maryland. When the organization began in 1994, Rich made the decision to focus on the needs of the association community. Twenty years later, CommPartners has had the opportunity to collaborate with over 1,300 clients including trade organizations, societies, chambers of commerce, and non-profits. He has a passion for helping clients connect with their communities through online education, multimedia events and knowledge management.

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